Knives Out Was An Entertaining Romp, So Why Didn’t I Like It?

SPOILER Review: A subverted plot from director Rian Johnson that is pretty good for what it is, just not what it was sold to be. The “Mystery” The movie centers around the Thrombey family who have gathered for Patriarch Harlan Thrombey’s (Christopher Plummer) 85th birthday. He’s found in the morning with a slit throat by […]

On Hurricane Dorian Watch

Obsessively watching The Weather Channel for updates while worrying about friends, family and residents of Florida. Tl;Dr: As of 3:00pm EST on Thursday, August 29th, Hurricane Dorian is forecast to hit Florida as a Category 4 Hurricane Sunday-Monday. Airlines are already waiving fees to change flights. We were originally bummed that we won’t make it […]

Tips for planning ahead or last minute trips to Disney World

Tl;Dr: First and foremost, practicing financial responsiblity is paramount as these tips require credit rewards to be successful. Don’t get yourself in debt just for a vacation (been there, done that.) Using credit rewards, being flexible and seeking out discounts are great ways to do a last minute trip. If you’re looking to plan ahead, […]

Disney World, with or without kids, from a Gen Xer mom

Tl;Dr: Got kids? Go. No kids? Go. Its more important to enjoy the moment than it is to worry about what others think. Conversely, we should all learn to empathize about what the other person is going through, instead of staying in our own bubbles. So, a viral story has been making the rounds over […]

Star Wars Celebration and Ep IX teaser, Disney+ and losing evening Extra Magic Hours?

Tl;Dr: This better not be a Return on the Jedi redo and holy crap was that Palpatine??? Quick Star Wars Celebration info (Galaxy’s Edge tidbits and announcement of returning in 2020) Disney+: November 12, $6.99/month or $69.99/yr. Excited for Marvel What If but are the other Marvel shows too much of a good thing? Magic […]

Disney Parks thoughts: Star Wars, ticket price increase and stupid long wait times.

Tl;dr: If your looking to book a trip for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, understand its opening in phases with the Millenium Falcon attraction primarily and the Rise of the Resistance opening at a later date. Disney is already warning limited access to the entire land (meaning you might not even get in […]

Resident Evil 2: Remake

Too hard? Worth playing again and are the scenarios different enough? Tl;Dr: Is the totally remade Resident Evil 2 worth a second trip through Raccoon City? Absolutely. Rebuilt on the Resident Evil engine introduced for RE7, its still the same game you remember but enough surprises to keep you on your toes. Is it difficult? If […]